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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Zelda task list

Working on part 3 of the "Cloning Zelda" project, and since I don't Twitter, I need a place to put this "to do" list:

Part 3: Monsters
  • Implement class hierarchy for all overworld monsters (done)
  • Encode monster spawn location info in the game's defining data structure (in progress)
  • Finish map movement restrictions: no more "boss mode" movement (in progress)
Part 4: Fight!
  • Implement player hit points
  • Implement player sword attack
  • Implement monster:
    • artificial intelligence,
    • collision detection,
    • hit points / damage,
    • and projectile attacks
Part 5: Grottos and non-player characters
  • Implement grotto entrances/exits
  • Implement "conversation" mode (so old men can give us swords and such)
Part 6: Currency and stores
  • Implement rupees (and make enemies drop them)
  • Implement inventory screen / item selection
  • Implement stores
Part 7: Map interactivity
  • Implement bush-burning
  • Implement wall-bombing
  • Implement hidden grotto entrances (under bushes, behind walls, and the waterfall)
  • Implement whistle-warping
  • Implement Lost Woods and Lost Hills special map movements
  • Implement the Secret Pond (Dungeon 7 entrance)

Once the above stuff is done (IF I ever get it all done!), I'll be at a reasonable transition point: the Overworld will be all but finished, and I'll be ready to decide if I want to tackle the dungeons or not. We'll see how long it takes me to do all of this (and any other things I'm forgetting, too)

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