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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cloning Zelda, intermission

I'm hard at work on Part 5, and I hope to get it done soon so I can put more effort into blogging about it.

Meanwhile, a couple of notes: sprite problems

  • In making some changes to the image format for Part 5, I accidentally broke the sword sprites in Part 4. (Oops!) It's now fixed.
  • I added a new index page of sorts to keep track of the Zelda/Canvassa progress; it's here.
  • That page also includes a revised tasklist for "Phase 1" of my plans for Canvassa; dungeons and bosses would be a huge undertaking over and above what I've already bitten off, and I'm not yet sure that committing to doing it is wise for my sanity's sake.
  • I just discovered yesterday that my dumb CSS-based layout still doesn't render right on all browsers/window sizes. I'm about THIS close to just rewriting the whole page template using HTML tables and being done with it.
  • Yes, I know Part 4 doesn't work in IE or Chrome. I wouldn't be surprised if I broke it in Safari and Opera, too. :( All I can say is, I'm working on it.*

* The culprit seems to be JS-itis... I've been putting each new class heirarchy in its own JavaScript file, but they're all messily interrelated and all live in the global namespace, so it goes BOOM in every other browser besides Firefox 3. (but it works fine in FF!)

I'm considering using Dojo.require() to keep track of loading order and dependencies for me, but on the other hand, maybe I ought to just slap the whole thing into a single .js file and be done with it. Still pondering pros and cons on that one.

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