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Friday, March 05, 2010

Cloning Zelda: Meet Canvassa's Little Brother

Link, meet Link...

I recently received an email from Rune Andreas Grimstad, requesting my permission to use some of the data assets I created for Canvassa (specifically the map data and sprite tiles). You see, he's doing a Zelda clone of his own — for Silverlight (like his blog title suggests, "It should be fun").

Anyway, I'm happy to share... especially since the game design and sprites aren't mine in the first place! ;) But even my code is there to be shared — that's why I put it on GitHub, after all. Anyone else who wants to use that stuff can either fork the Github repo directly, or just grab it and use it. All I ask in return is a quick note like Rune's, to let me know about the project, so I can link back to it and throw a few clicks your direction.

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