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Saturday, September 25, 2010

In Case You Missed It: 2010 (day 1)

This weekend, the second annual conference was held in Berlin, Germany. If you've been keeping track, this JSConf juggernaut just keeps getting bigger and more epic with each successive iteration. Continuing my series, In Case You Missed It, let's take a peek at this weekend's published schedule and the accompanying Twitter stream to see if the trend continues.

Day 1: Saturday, September 25, 2010
Dion Almaer & Ben GalbraithUsing the Web to deliver the next wave of computing experiences
Peter HigginsYour library sucks, and why you should use it
Jenn LukasJavaScript + Web Standards II: The Quickening
Tim CaswellTechniques and Tools for Taming Tangled Twisted Trains of Thought (PDF)
Ulrike MüllerServer-side JavaScript the untold story
Nicole SullivanCSS Lint for Massive Sites
Brian LeRouxPhoneGap: Love the Web and Lose the SDK
Ben FirshmanLessons learnt pushing browsers to the limit (links: 1 2 3 4)
Mutwin KrausUsing canvas to develop classic 2D games
Rebecca MurphyThe jQuery Divide
Pete LePageChakra: Building A New JavaScript Engine For Internet Explorer 9
/be (Brendan Eich)Proxies are Awesome!

Robert NymanHTML5 APIs - The new Frontier
Nicolas Garcia BelmonteCreating Interactive Data Visualizations for the Web
Sebastian Deutsch & Stephan SeidtIf it moves they will watch (sample code)
Paul BakausAves Engine: High performance browser games
Mikeal Rogersnode.js + CouchDB == Crazy Delicious
Felix GeisendörferDirty NoSQL (code, blog)
Philip Hofstetternode.js in production use:
Markus FranzBetter Life with shared resources
Joe McCannRapid Prototyping for Multiple Platforms with JavaScript
Fabian JakobsKick ass code editing and end-to-end Javascript debugging

Some of my favorite finds/revelations of the day:

Look for tomorrow's recap late in the afternoon, and as always, if there are slide decks from other talks online that I don't have linked here, please note it in the comments below, and I'll update accordingly.


  • 9/26 0530 - Added link to Rebecca Murphey's slide deck
  • 9/26 1813 - Added links to Jenn Lukas & Fabian Jakobs' slide decks, and removed speakers whose sessions were cancelled.
  • 9/26 1839 - Added link to Philip Hofstetter's slide deck
  • 9/26 1847 - Added link to Mutwin Kraus's github repository (which includes the slides)
  • 9/28 0549 - Added link to Brendan Eich's slides
  • 9/28 1119 - Added link to Felix Geisendörfer's slides & recap

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