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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

JSConf 2010: Final Thoughts and Links

Today I saw in my blog reader that Guillermo Rauch over at DevThought has posted his list of JSConf links, similar to mine (Day 1 and Day 2). He's got a few links I haven't got in mine, but I have some he doesn't, too (he only listed Track A talks). So in the interest of cross-pollination, I've updated my posts and will give him a heads-up of my additions as well, when I can (my work firewall blocks his site for some reason).

Also, in the interest of pointing out other coverage of the best pirate-themed JavaScript conference on the East Coast, here are a few other blogs that have posted cool wrap-ups:

  • Cowboy, a.k.a. Ben Alman, posted this great summary of the talks he attended, complete with photos
  • Kevin Dangoor posted a similar wrapup to his own blog, with some nice commentary on Day 1 talks.
  • Ted Leung did a great overview of the conference as a whole
  • Rey Bango posted a bunch of awesome video interviews he took while attending. Go. Watch. I'll wait.

Oh, and in only-slightly-related news, I'm now on Reddit. Don't know that I'll post there much, but thought it was worth mentioning.

Finally, a note on plans. I think enough people appreciated these "In Case You Missed It" posts, that I'm going to try to keep doing them — at least when the conference interests me. Here are the next few I've got my eye on covering, time permitting:

GDC Canada6-7 May
Google I/O19-20 May
VSLive!2-6 Aug
GDC Austin5-8 Oct
JSConf.eu25-26 Sept

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