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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cloning Zelda: pulse check

I still haven't posted my next "Cloning Zelda" article yet; sorry to anyone waiting for that. I have all of the selectable items implemented and working, and had the inventory screen working too, but when I tried to implement the animation on the boomerang, I realized that the frame rate I had chosen, 10 fps, was just too low to make the boomerang work satisfactorily. Link was also slow to respond to keyboard input, because I was responding to multiple keypress events instead of having him walk continuously until the arrow key was released. I've fixed that, but it's led to some wall collision problems that I haven't resolved yet. Grr.

Sooo... "back to the drawing board" in some sense. Bumping the frame rate up to a respectable level fixed the boomerang issue, and let me implement the "flashing" effect for thrown swords (they were plain in Part 4), but now the player and enemy movements are way too fast, looking like some feudal Marvin the Martian knockoff. The solution is to rewrite the movement code for the Player and Monster classes; Monster isn't bad because it was built from the ground up with multiple-animation support built in, but animations were grafted onto the Player class quite a bit later, so it's proving to be pretty much a rewrite. Ugh.

Add to that the big "Scruffyversary" event my MUGEN development team is throwing this month, and the looming deadlines for my next-to-last (hopefully anyway) semester of grad school, and you've the the perfect storm for blogging delays.

Taking all of the above as a given, may I humbly offer a solution: since I publish all of my content via RSS through FeedBurner, I'd suggest just throwing my feed URL ( in your feed reader of choice. That way when I update, you'll get the new post auto-magically, without having to hit my site directly and be disappointed when there's nothing new to read.

If you don't yet know about feed aggregation, you really owe it to yourself to learn. It'll save you a LOT of time if you follow even a fraction as many web sites as I do, and in the world we live in, who wouldn't want more time?

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