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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cloning Zelda: Are we done yet?

Busy with graduate school projects tonight, so this week's Tuesday post (okay, it's Wednesday morning) will be short.

The Overworld map is now implemented in the Canvassa, Part 5 main page, and I've ported the Map Maker utility too, albeit in an optimized way (you have to actually click on a map screen in order to see its thumbnail, instead of having the page draw the entire map. I'm working on ways to draw all the thumbnails without bogging down the machine, but none of them are fully fleshed out yet).

Left to do before I close out the Part 5 code branch:

  • Port over the rest of the inventory/items code
  • Implement better map boundary checking (it's currently possible to slightly overlap walls and such)
  • Post over the hit collision code from the earlier iteration.

Once I've finished the above tasks, I'll consider the rewrite/re-engineering effort a success, write the final "Part 5" blog post, and move forward to Part 6. Depending on my school load the rest of this week, that may happen sometime before next Tuesday. If not... well, I'm sure I'll think of something.

Reminder: the most recent version of the code is also available on GitHub, if you're interested in checking out the full source code.

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