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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cloning Zelda, part 5C: Building Better Monsters

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Canvassa Bestiary with projectile attacks

Last time, I introduced you to the Canvassa Bestiary, a test page I wrote to put the new sprite class hierarchy through its paces. Since then, we've put an offer on a house and I've revised and submitted the prospectus for my MA project to my thesis committee. Plus my time commitments to my full-time job and my awesome family. So I've been a little stressed out distracted.

That said, I have added projectile attacks to the monsters that should have them... so Moblins shoot arrows, Lynels throw swords, Octorocs spit rocks, and so on. I've also stubbed in the dungeon monsters, as I mentioned before (although most of them don't have the right AI yet), so Wizzrobes are in there with their magic x-ray wavy attack... things, and Goriyas have their boomerangs... but then I hit the "Math Wall." (insert scary music here if you're so inclined). I'd intended to re-enable collision detection tonight and blog about all the cool new stuff I can do with the new sprites engine I've built, but instead I got stuck on the math needed to calculate the returning trajectory of a boomerang when its owner has moved. It's a lot more complicated than I expected it to be, mostly because I haven't had Geometry in like 20 years. (yikes!) Anyway, I'm close, but I'm also tired and ready for bed. (ugh, how'd it get to be 2:30am ?!?)

So, collisions will have to wait for the next update, which I'm (perhaps irrationally) hoping will also include the ported map engine and the game inventory screen. Then I'll be back to where I was TWO MONTHS AGO (sigh). Except I'll be cross-platform, projectiles will work, and dungeon monsters will be there. So that'll be a net gain after all.

To check out my handiwork, and fill the screen with monsters, click here.

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