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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Firefox 3.5

Quick post this week; there's too much going on in my personal life (see my root blog for details) for a full update.

After months of anticipation, Firefox finally released version 3.5 today. And I must say, so far it seems very worth the wait. If you're still using Internet Explorer (even the better-but-still-nonstandard version 8), you owe it to yourself to give Firefox a try.

Also, to make this just a tiny bit more related to my blog, I tested the latest Canvassa pages (the game, Bestiary, and Mapper) in FF 3.5, and they all seemed to benefit from the new-and-improved JavaScript engine.

Next week (or sooner), I hope to have a new post up in the Cloning Zelda series... if I can just get the item states / animations resolved.



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