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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Quick Tuesday post this week, with a request for feedback embedded at the end.

I'm posting this from work while on my lunch break. Last Friday, something of a dam burst here at work, and I'm now flooded with work to do, where a week ago I was a little light on projects from time to time. This has the side effect of giving me less time to think about the content I'll be producing for the site here... although I actually did the vast majority of my blog work "off the clock", there were lulls where I could at least brainstorm solutions to problems (like the whole "Math Wall" thing, for example) -- now, not so much.

On top of this massive shift in my work environment, I spent last weekend moving my family into a new home / state / city / etc. This means a home new internet provider is necessary... and they won't be able to come and hook me up until this coming Friday. So... the big loser in all of this is my blogging. Once my home internet is up and running again I should be back in business, but until then things are, sadly, on hold.

Now, to that request for feedback I mentioned at the beginning of this post: I've recently set up a new domain at, and have installed a WordPress-powered blog over there. Here's the question: should I merge my three Blogger-powered blogs (Buyog's World (the root blog), Buyog's Lair (the MUGEN blog), and Palagpat Coding (this web programming/gaming blog) into a single master blog, separated by categories? The content of these three blogs, and presumably the resulting audience for each, seems to me to be so diverse that merging them would be counter-productive. But I'm interested in seeing what people think. Let me know below in comments, or feel free to email me at buyog2099(at)



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