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Monday, September 27, 2010

In Case You Missed It: 2010 (day 2)

As expected, Day 1 of this weekend's JavaScript conference in Berlin was, as the kids say, EPIC. So much so, in fact, that I found myself following the Twitter channel all morning, and retweeting WAY more often than usual. Of course, a lot of those retweets were to presenter-uploaded slide decks, but here they all are in one place, in case you missed it:

Douglas CrockfordLoopage
Jens ArpsThe hitchhiker's guide to client side persistent data storage
Ryan DahlTechniques for a single stack world
Jed SchmidtGetting functional with (fab)
Tom Hughes-CroucherDon't write spaghetti code in server side JavaScript
Kevin Dangoor, Joe Walker & Patrick WaltonBespinSkywriter: The JavaScript Programmer's Editor
Jörn Zaefferer & Nikolai OnkenRobotic JavaScript
Mark WubbenBrowser Extensions for Web Hackers (code)
Alexander LangNot your unit test (note: Chrome on OS X)
Stoyan StefanovPerformance Patterns
Chris Williams (JSConf co-creator)Community.js

Paul IrishThe State of HTML5 : Inaugural Address (note: Webkit/Chrome required) (sidebar on polyfills)
Tobias SchneiderNot your Mother's JavaScript!
Sebastian WernerIntroducing Unify - A Framework for Cross Platform Applications
Guillermo RauchSocket.IO: Web Sockets for Everyone (nodestream, demo)
Thomas SteinerPirating the Semantic Web with JavaScript
Rotislav HristovThe Art of deep linking and AJAX crawling
Kris KowalCommonJS, I Promise
Aaron QuintThe Front-end Takeover
John David DaltonSrsly R1pp3d J@vaScript
embedJS teamWhat is embedJS (I don't see this one on the schedule, only in the Twitter stream; where was it?)

Undoubtedly there will be more slide decks uploaded as presenters return home over the next day or two, and when they do, I'll update this post to reflect those additions. For now, though, I've got plenty of reading material to digest, and to share with my co-workers. ;)

Projects released and/or updated this weekend (as compiled by Brian Leroux):

Yet another great conference has come and gone, but now we can start looking forward to JSConf 2011. And next time, I'm going to do all in my power to give my recap first-hand.


  • 9/27 0747 - Added link to Jed Schmidt's slides
  • 9/27 1403 - Added link to Sebastian Werner's slides
  • 9/27 1732 - Added link to Tom Hughes-Crouche's slides
  • 9/28 1108 - Added link to Jens Arps' slides
  • 9/28 1442 - Added link to Alexander Lang's slides (note that they require Chrome on OS X for best experience)
  • 9/28 2330 - Added link to Tobias Schneider's slides

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