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Friday, June 29, 2012

What? You're still here?

I just realized that after my last post, I never followed up with a post explaining what I was going to do with my plan to leave Blogger. This, almost two years later, is that post.

Shortly after writing my Manifesto of the Independent Voice, I did indeed go my own way with my tech blog. The result of that experiment, which I called "Tinyblog," went live on my personal/portfolio site,, at the end of September 2009. Over the next few months I built out the most important features, and I still add bits and pieces from time to time when I find something missing (I added SEO-optimized URLs about a year ago, for example).

Anyway, Tinyblog (nowadays I call it Spartan) has been a fun little itch to scratch, and whenever I hack on it, I get a little more versed in the plate of spaghetti that is PHP, and there's still some value in that, I think. Would I be happier if I had written it in Node.js or Python or Ruby or some other "hip" web language? Well, probably, yeah, but that was never the point. The point was simply to take control of my professional content... and I've done so.

I said all that to say this: please join me over at Palagpat Coding's new home. I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

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