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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Canvassa 0.5 Bug List

Thought I'd peel back the curtain a little tonight. Here's what's left to do with my Canvassa Zelda clone before I can call version 0.5 (i.e. Part 5) done and ready to move on to 0.6:

  • Add text to the page describing the game controls
  • Fix projectile management (I'm not keeping track of them correctly, especially the sword)
  • Add the sword projectile "flash" effect when it hits something
  • Limit the blue candle to a single use per screen
  • Make Link & the monsters get knocked back when hit
  • Fix the number of hits required to kill monsters (esp. Zola)
  • Permanently remove predefined items from the map when picked up (e.g. the wooden sword on the start screen -- grab it, leave the screen, then come back: it's there again!)
  • Make killed monsters leave behind hearts and rupees (fairies and clocks come later)
  • Split Items.js file into multiple subfiles, parallel to what Peter Higgins did to Monsters.js for me last week

I'll be working on a few of these things tonight; maybe even have a more verbose blog post to go along with it (hope springs eternal, anyway)

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