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Monday, October 26, 2009

Cloning Zelda: 0.5.x

Zelda menu screen

I'm not exactly sure what release number this is, or if such things really even apply to an experimental web game I operate on "live." But anyway, I wanted to give a brief "State of Canvassa" update on my recent changes.

A couple of my recent changes are completed tasks from my recently posted bug list for version 0.5:

  • Add text to the page describing the game controls
  • Fix projectile management (I wasn't tracking them correctly, especially the sword)

The other changes are things I added because I felt they were necessary and/or appropriate to be done at this time:

  • Added a "please wait" text blurb and animation to indicate game loading state
  • Re-encoded the music at lower bitrates: smaller file sizes, and more accurate to the original sounds.
  • Added a preliminary savegame screen; for now it just lists the available quest(s)
  • Added a few of the missing sound effects to the game (bombs boom, Link grunts when hit, etc)

As always, there's plenty to work on, and more coming soon.

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