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Friday, October 02, 2009

Cloning Zelda: Progress and a Change of Methodology

So those of you who are hitting the work-in-progress Canvassa build may have noticed that I've added sound support back in. It's not very Dojo-y at the moment, but I got tired of not hearing anything as I tested, so it's in. I've also got the bug about predefined items (e.g. the sword on screen 1) reappearing after you pick them up.

The other major change in the Canvassa effort is how I'll be measuring progress. I started out treating it almost as a tutorial of how to build a game like this in JavaScript+Dojo, and to a certain extent I'll continue to do so, but the posts will stray from the "Part 1 / 2a / 2b..." format that I've been using, and go to a slightly more traditional "dot release" approach: right now I'm working on version 0.5, and when it's finished and the Github repository is updated, I'll move to v0.6. All development will be done in the work-in-progress Canvassa location, so no more Part 1 / Part 2 / etc. subfolders. Hopefully this will be easier for me to work with and stay on task, and will be more in line with what you, my faithful reader, would want to see anyway. (of course, if I'm wrong in my estimation, feel free to let me know in the comments).

Beyond that, not much else has progressed this week; I'll be moving this blog and my others to my new host soon, and I'm still trying to decide how exactly I want to set things up (one of the main points of uncertainty is whether to keep the three blogs separate, or merge them into a single stream with tags/categories to differentiate them. If I do merge the blogs, I'll keep my RSS feeds the same (I'll re-orient the FeedBurner links to point to the appropriate places), so those of you reading me through a feed reader probably won't notice much of a difference. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the domain transferred over smoothly to my new host as well, but if not, the domain will get you to the new content. When the move actually happens, I'll make a note of it here so you're all aware.

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